On 7/22/2014 08:38, Michai Ramakers wrote:

I was wondering how many of you use 'open --nested' to have nested workdirs?

Thanks to this thread, I became aware of open --nested, and promptly found a use for it. So thank you. :)

Here's the problem that open --nested solved for us:

We keep two main lines of development open on our main Fossil repo: the development trunk and the stable branch. Bug fixes made on the trunk get backported to stable. Sometimes we backport features, too.

As it happens, there is one small section of the trunk that works better if it is shared exactly between trunk and the stable branch, rather than participate in the code fork set up by the branch.

Prior to learning about open --nested, we coped with this by ignoring the stable branch's fork of that piece of the code repository. All changes had to be made on trunk only. This was awkward, and sometimes led to people making the change on the branch instead of on the trunk.

open --nested let us move this logically separate section of the tree out into a separate Fossil repo, but then reattach it at its old position within the trunk and branch checkouts.

Except for the fact that "fossil ci" can mean two different things now, depending on your working directly, no one can tell that anything has changed. It appears that the stable branch and the development trunk simply share a common subset.

Actually, there is *one* other difference. Checkins on the extracted repository run a lot faster, due to it being a lot smaller. :)
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