On 8/7/2014 14:20, Hajas, Wayne wrote:

every time I try to
use the formatting features, nothing happens.

Wild guess: you're using a fairly recent version of IE on Windows.

You're probably running into Microsoft's brain-dead choice to run all "intranet" sites in compatibility mode by default. Because /obviously/ all intranet sites in the whole world are tied intimately to IE6 and can never work on anything that doesn't meticulously replicate its particularly sweet set of misfeatures and bugs.

For the moment, your best bet is to turn this feature off. If you're in the current version of IE11, click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the window, select Compatibility View Settings, then turn off "Display intranet sites in Compatibility View". Now your WYSIWYG buttons should work.

The real solution is for Fossil to start sending the X-UA-Compatible HTTP header with the value "IE=edge", at least when the browser declares itself to be IE. This tells IE that even though this is an
intranet site, it really is compatible with modern browsers.

Those of you testing remote Fossils with IE won't have run into this, since now Fossil UI is an Internet site, and so is presumed to be standards-compliant.
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