On 8/19/2014 11:50, Eric Rubin-Smith wrote:
Try running it under Valgrind.

I ran it under valgrind already and mentioned the results in the OP --
you probably missed that in my wall of text :-).

No, I just stopped reading when I saw the characteristic "smashed stack" gdb output. :)

valgrind's imposed slow-down causes us not to reach the bad path.

That suggests a race condition, which usually means a threading or TCP stream packetization problem. With Fossil, I don't believe either to be the case.

What I do believe is that Valgrind's parakeets and instrumentation code move things around in memory, which can cause code that used to break to start succeeding by accident.

no problem.  I've been on the receiving end of tickets like "teh
software doesn't work 4 me can u plz fix it" enough times to try to
avoid inflicting similar pain. :-)

What amazes me is how often you see that sort of report from other developers.
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