On 05/03/15 21:23, Andy Goth wrote:
> One thing that repeatedly surprised me when learning Fossil was that the open 
> command opens the repository into the current working directory. This left me 
> either confused at there being no apparent effect (except a hidden file 
> called .fslckout, in the case of a new repository) or angry about Fossil 
> making a big mess in my current directory (not easily undone because close 
> doesn't delete).

TBH, I'd probably suggest that if you omit the directory name, then
Fossil will create one named after the repository and open it there.
This would mimic the behaviour of most other DVCSes and solve one of the
most common complaints I've seen about Fossil.

In fact, it may also be a good idea to allow:

$ fossil open <url>

...which would automatically clone the URL and then open it. That way
people can get started with someone else's repository in a single step;
right now it's four (clone, mkdir, cd, open).

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