On Fri, Jun 12, 2015 at 2:15 PM, Mark <fos...@happybeing.com> wrote:
>  no way for remote devices to communicate
> with a server on another client over HTTP (because this would defeat the
> security of the network).

So SAFE Network does support applications that use TCP ?

Fossil's sync protocol "piggy backs" on HTTP, but really is just a
bidirectional byte stream.. In theory, any communication service that
supports byte streams (like TCP) could be used.

> It might be feasible to re-route client-server HTTP interactions over
> SAFE messaging, but this would require one client act as a hub which is
> again breaking the raison d'etre of SAFE (decentralisation).

Fossil can be used in a purely peer-to-peer arrangement.

> 1) something like a shared disk, containing a shared fossil repo, which
> the server on each client can push/pull/clone. SAFE Network supports
> mounting of storage as a virtual drive for example, and sharing would
> allow multiple clients to access a shared storage area in this way.
> I'm thinking it's unlikely that Fossil caters for multiple servers
> talking to a shared repo file, but if it does, let me kiss your hand! I
> think this would just work out of the box

(Saw Richard's reply as I was writing this)

Yes, as Richard said, a single repo file can be accessed by multiple
instances of Fossil.

I would still recommend that each "work station" have a local repo that
gets sync'd to the shared repo. The way I did it requires local TCP, but
the help page for "fossil clone" shows a "file:"URL format, suggesting it
might be possible to sync with out needing TCP.
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