Karel Gardas wrote:
> I'm attaching tarball of 3 scripts which clearly shows the behavior
> and may be used to duplicate/debug it. Put it into some directory and
> run ./test.sh -- also please modify reconnect.sh first and if your GNU
> grep is "grep" then please rename "ggrep" to "grep". The scripts were
> developed on my Solaris workstation where GNU grep is ggrep.
Looking at your scripts, it seems you're missing a step in the import
process: you need to keep separate git and fossil marks files, so that
each SCM can keep a consistent record for itself of the objects it has
seen.  Fossil doesn't read git marks files, and vice versa.

You can fix this by changing each import command to the following:
git fast-export --export-marks ../git.marks \
    --import-marks ../git.marks --all | \
    fossil import --git ../workspace.fossil \
    -i --import-marks ../fossil.marks \
    --export-marks ../fossil.marks --no-rebuild

This process works the other way around, too, and you can even sync back
and forth between git and fossil (though that process is slightly broken
currently, see my email on fossil-dev for reference).

Hope that helps,
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