On 10/12/16, Andy Goth <andrew.m.g...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I recently created a branch called andygoth-circa which adds a "circa" link
> to the info web page. This link shows timeline events near the selected
> check-in even if they're not ancestors or descendents. It's just for
> showing context of what was happening around the same time.

Did you know  you can already get that on trunk by clicking on the Date: value?

> Sorry I haven't been involved in email much lately. Work has been
> incredibly busy. I'm using Fossil every day, and it's been very helpful.
> People on my team tell me it's a massive timesaver compared to what we
> would have been stuck doing.

Glad to you have you around.  And glad Fossil is working well for you!

D. Richard Hipp
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