1/ Thank you Osamu Aoki !
2/ make it simple :if someone, let's call him John, would like to create a 
special option "--butter=salted" and one day Fossil did it then IMHO John 
should change his option, like "--my-butter=salted".In fact, I think that an 
unknown option should be logged "unknown option --butter=salted".Again IMHO, 
there is no issue.

3/ There are so few options in the build process : that is a more bigger issue 
even if it doesn't bother me.
4/ People who would like to compile something should have the ability to do 
some "./configure --help", so one could read the available options... 
Best Regards

K.PS: Sorry but I don't have time today may be tomorrow ...(At least I try to 
read and post but not sure)
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On 15 October 2016 at 05:26, Steven Gawroriski <ste...@multiphasicapps.net> 

On Sat, 15 Oct 2016 05:59:23 +0900
Osamu Aoki <aoki.os...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Here is a trivial patch to build the source tree even with unknown
> options for autosetup/autosetup but make sure to warn user.
> The idea is from Barak A. Pearlmutter.
> Regards,
> Osamu
> PS: re-send from subscribed addess


Not a developer of Fossil, but this could have potential compatibility
issues in the future with unknown options being passed. Say someone
builds with `--with-butter=salted`. Then later on Fossil adds a switch
that has the same name `--with-butter=`, but it takes a different kind
of argument that is completely incompatible. If the behavior is relied
upon it cannot really be taken back once it is out in the open.

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This won't be a problem - Fossil is a fat-free scm.   :-p
I guess I better leave a serious response here too... I don't know howother 
projects handle non-standard build features (apart from rejectingthem 
outright), but a possible solution is for Fossil to agree to neveruse the 
--with-my-<feature> namespace, or something similar if theydon't like -my-.
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