> I have used fossil on WinXP for quite sometime now and have many separate
> fossils project wise.  Now, I have switched my os to Linux Mint.  Fossil is
> able to open the existing fossils created under windows, but I am unable to
> make any changes to them.

Not clear what is your set up and steps that led to the error. Just a
wild guess.
Try to do 'fossil close' on the repo while still at your original PC
(WinXP?). I assume there're no uncommitted changes in that work-dir,
otherwise commit as needed and close the repo.
Then re-open the repo on your linux-PC. Alternatively, 'fossil close
--force' may be of help, again, mind the uncommitted changes!

If you intend on using the repo in such "shared" setup between OSes,
it would make more sense to 'fossil clone'  (instead of 'fossil open')
on each of your target OSes from that "shared" media. This way each OS
would get its working copy of the repo, without any potential cross-OS
locking/referencing issues. In such case you'd 'fossil sync' or
auto-sync to your "shared" media and 'fossil update' on the other OS
to keep local copies up-to-date.

Hope this helps.
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