Hi Richard,

ok, understood. I'll try to rename them.
(Local checkouts on that machine itself need to point to the changed file 
then as well, so it might be more fallout than renaming)

Thanks for looking at that!

As I had a quick (non-deep) look I thought it is only a matter of making 
a static hardcoded string in main.c
    db_multi_exec("DELETE FROM sfile WHERE pathname NOT GLOB '*[^/
configurable. But as it turns out to be non-trivial, please leave it as 
it is. I'll change my setup.

Maybe the wiki cookbook recipe should be changed, though, so that it also 
uses *.fossil instead of *.fsl or to simply mention that this recipe is 
not needed at all anymore.




Am Wed, 21 Feb 2018 12:01:55 -0500 schrieb Richard Hipp:

> I tried to do this.  It turns out to be non-trivial.  Can you not simply
> rename your repositories to use the standard ".fossil" suffix?

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