I've discovered a few minor issues after updating to Fossil 2.5. As I
have skipped version 2.4, I'm not sure when they were really
introduced. I'd appreciate if they could be considered to be fixed in
case there's some nearby work, say like an occasional appendectomy ;)

1. On the Login/Logout web page, the User ID input field used to have
the keyboard "autofocus". With Fossil 2.5, the input field is no
longer focused, but has to be activated by hitting Tab repeatedly
(cycling through all the links in the top navigation bar, first), or
by using the mouse. I would like to suggest restoring the old
"autofocus" behaviour.

2. There's no "Last-modified" HTTP header when downloading unversioned
files through the /uv web page, causing undesired network traffic for
`wget -N' scripting scenarios, for example, and maybe also with web
spiders (if they are enabled). I would like to suggest sending the
"Last-modified" HTTP header corresponding to the timestamp of the
requested unversioned file.


wget -N http://fossil-scm.org/index.html/uv/fossil-src-2.5.tar.gz

Running this command twice should only download the file once, if the
timestamp had not changed in between the commands.

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