I was finally able to get my Nomos License list to display on the screen.  I
had to edit my php.ini max_execution_time.  Default is 90 seconds, I upped
it to 900 and I was able to get it to work.  The nomos list had over 106,000
files.  The problem was that the error didn't always display when it failed.
When it did show up again it said something like "Fatal error: max execution
time exceeded."  I'm surprised this message went to the browser and not to
the log files.  Must be another setting someplace else.

The approach that fossology took in regards to displaying the bsam "license
tree" results, was to feed the data as it became available, so you could see
partial results over time.  It looks like with the "nomos license list", you
run a script then pass the results to the browser after all data is
collected.  The prior approach seems better to me because you get a sense of
progress or status.  But with the nomos list approach, you don't really know
if it's working or not.  Does that make sense?

Also, one thing I really liked about the bsam license tree, was that it
included links in the data back to the file.  But the nomos list is just a
static list of files that you have to manually navigate to in order to
review the results.

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