Hi Ray,
There are at least 2 reasons why swap usage is going up over time;

1.       there is a memory leak - in this case, restarting the scheduler will 
free up the space.  However, we are not aware of any memory leaks in the 
version you're running.

2.       Prior to 1.3.0, the method for processing files used increasing 
amounts of memory as the number of files/upload grew.  This resulted in the 
behavior you describe.  This method was changed in 1.3.0 to address this memory 
scalability problem.
I think you may be running into this problem, since you are running an older 
version of FOSSology.
To answer your questions,

1.       No, you should not need to restart your scheduler regularly (unless 
there is an unknown memory leak).

2.       Jobs in the queue will be restarted from the beginning, when the 
scheduler is restarted.

3.       It would be good to know which jobs (if any) are running when this 
occurs.  Through the UI, you can click on Admin -> Scheduler  -> Status to see 
what jobs are running.

4.       In addition to the UI instructions above, you can also look at the 
queue via Jobs -> Queue -> Details


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Good Morning.

We have a monitor script running on our servers for things like filesystem, 
load average, swap space usage, etc.

Yesterday I received an alert because the swap space usage on our Fossology 
server had reached 85%.

I discovered that the scheduler was using the most virtual memory. I stopped 
and started the scheduler
and the swap usage dropped to 13%.

I'll probably increase the swap space.

(Our Fossology server is running 1.2.1-3507 and it has 1.5GB of memory, 1GB of 
swap and 2 AMD 2800Mhz CPUs.)

And so I have the following questions:

Should I reset the scheduler regularly?

If I reset the scheduler will jobs in the queue be lost?

Should I check the queue before I reset the scheduler?

If I need to check the queue, can you provide the query, please?

Ray W.

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