Hello Everyone.

Running FOSSology version 1.2.1~3507 (code revision exported)

Yesterday users submitted a large Cygwin zip file for analysis. This caused the 
CPU usage to jump to 99% and the load average went to 50 on our Fossology 

We have a system monitor alerting us when the scheduler processes are at '0'. 
When it alerted us I figured it was due to the high CPU usage.

This morning I added more virtual cpus to the server and CPU usage is down to 
50% and load average at around 2 or 3. The Cygwin analysis job continued to run 
after I rebooted the server.

This morning I started getting paged again because there were no scheduler 
processes running. I checked the /var/log/fossology/fossology.log and the 
Scheduler is getting killed and restarted.

So here are my questions:

1) Will the job ever complete? The log shows "Job queue reset" after the 
"Scheduler started" message.
2) Is the analysis restarting?
3) What is restarting the Scheduler?

Thanks very much.

Ray Westphal.

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