yes, this is exactly what would be most useful. I think it is very important to 
understand why a license was detected esp. for deciding on false positives. 
Certainly the signature match is the interesting information there.
My plan: In combination with the tags feature to mark false positives or give 
approval to special file/license pair... it can be used to manage the findings 
more properly.

So of course from my perspective this is quite important compared to most other 
items ;-)

Does nomos store the match information in the DB already? Could we "just" use 
some query in the php to display it?

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Von: Bob Gobeille []
Gesendet: Dienstag, 26. Juli 2011 17:01
An: Mader Volker (AA-DGP/ESD2)
Betreff: Re: [FOSSology] License highlighting

Yes, this was one good feature we lost in the switch to nomos.   Rather than 
doing pattern matching on entire licenses, nomos just looks for signatures 
(regular expressions in context).  So it isn't possible to highlight the whole 
license (nomos doesn't know it).

Personally, I would like nomos to at least highlight where it found the 
signature match.  That would at lead your eyes to where the license was found, 
just not highlight the whole license.  What do you think?

How important is this to you compared to the other items in ?

Bob Gobeille

On Jul 26, 2011, at 8:27 AM, Mader Volker (AA-DGP/ESD2) wrote:


I am using Fossology 1.4.0 and I am missing the highlighting in the View 
License view (As far as I remember it was possible with earlier versions). Is 
it due to the switch to nomos? Is it possible to "reactivate" this feature? 
Would be really interesting to find out on which strings the license was found.


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