Hi Everyone,
Thank you all for providing time estimates for each of your tasks.  I've 
entered everything into ms project to get a projected date for our code 
complete milestone (as we agreed :) code complete INCLUDES all tests for 
checked-in code).   The code complete milestone is set at October 28th.  As I 
mentioned in our last meeting, Bob is the critical path right now.  However 
there are many small tasks assigned to him that could be picked up by others as 
their tasks come to a completion.

I'll be including additional milestones to project and track these critical 

Ø  Successful Build/Install of 2.0 (for test purposes)

Ø  Nightly testing and reporting for the 2.0 branch

Ø  Package Automation

Ø  Test/debug cycle

Ø  Test complete

Ø  RC1

Ø  Fix critical bugs

Ø  RC2

Ø  Doc updates

Ø  Release

I've attached a spreadsheet of tasks/owners/DTC generated from data exported 
from project.  I intend to use this to track everyone's progress.  I'll update 
it weekly and email to you.


Mary Laser
Open Source Program Office
Hewlett Packard

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