On Aug 10, 2011, at 3:20 AM, bob.lan...@smals.be wrote:

> Hi Bob, 
> it would indeed be nice to have a list of jars with the licenses for each 
> jar. 
> The way how (via search, buckets or other means) really depends on the amount 
> of work involved on your side. 
> I also noticed that in the license browser for files and folders the license 
> is shown underneath. For jars this is not the case. 

That shouldn't be, but I see you are correct.   I'll file a bug.  Thanks.

> When I tried the buckets I found an error in the docs 
> (http://fossology.org/buckets). In the table bucket_def, for bucket_filename 
> it should state that         "Data files are located in 
> $PROJECTSTATEDIR/bucketpools/{bucketpool_pk}". The "bucketpools" is missing. 

Thanks.  I just fixed it.

Bob Gobeille
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