Hello Himanshu,
FOSSology is an open source application that focuses on license scanning, 
categorization and copyright.  The application is free for you to download, 
install & use from the project website at 

For additional information about FOSSology vs. Black Duck, I recommend the 
article posted by Bog Gobeille (FOSSology Architect) and co-written with Peter 
Vescuso (Black Duck VP Marketing) on the FOSSBazaar website at 

Thanks for your interest in FOSSOlogy.

Mary Laser
The FOSSology Project

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Hi Team,

We require a product for our customer, that can replace Black duck Protex and 
is even more efficient.

So please send us the quotation for the same and differentiation vis-à-vis 
Black Duck.

Thanks and Regards,

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Himanshu Gugnani

Technology Evangelist | SoftwareONE India Private Limited

Office: +91 11 42235326 | Mobile:  +91 99999-34744 | Fax: +91 11 42235222

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