yes, this is a feature.

Create a group, make the two users member of that same group.

Then, when logging in, make sure that a user has selected the group in the 
upper right menu.

It is a feature, to have multiple organisations working on the same server. 
Together with setting a user specific root folder at creation of a user, you 
can isolate different users on the same server.

see also last entry in:


Kind regards, Michael

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Subject: [FOSSology] Uploads not vissible although they are in the same folder

Hi guys!

I have the problem that user A cannot see what user B uploaded in folder Z and 
vice versa.
Screenshot attached, sorry for blurring the folder, it is not my project that's 
why I had to do this.
But the selected folders are the same.
This affects version 3.0.0.  Is this a known issue or even intended?

Best regards

Christian Kolb
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