On Fri, 22 Nov 2019, Michael C. Jaeger wrote:

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> right now, there are basically three things you can do:
> *) Install from source: 
> https://github.com/fossology/fossology/wiki/Install-from-Source

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  so i installed following the instructions there and, for the benefit
of others at my workplace, i documented the recipe here:


it all seemed to install properly, just a couple questions. first, the
"fo-scheduler" command to "test" ... what exactly is being tested? the
docs page doesn't describe what one should see given either success or
failure. is one supposed to check the exit code? or what?

  and, second, now that it is up and running, i'm going to have to
figure out how to actually use it. i assume there's a demo somewhere
in the docs -- i'm just sitting here looking at the
http://localhost/repo page and wondering, "ok, now what?"

  time to start reading more, i guess.


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