so bascially, it is about the fossology file repostiory and the fossology 
database dump, both need to be completely copied.

there are some backup scripts in 


which work in the way that

1. Backup means writing the contents from the fossology server to some (server 

2. Restore means pulling data from this location to a new fossology server

Looking into the scripts shows some info about this part:


if you copy the repository manually, then, the user access rights need to be 
set properly

? does it help

Kind regards,

> On 7. Jan 2020, at 16:20, Matija ?uklje <mat...@suklje.name> wrote:
> Hi all,
> first of all happy 2020 to everyone!
> I’m getting our IT to update our FOSSology VM from Debian 8 to 9 
> and they say they’ll have to remake the container, so it would 
> delete everything in the current container – including FOSSology 
> and its data base.
> What would I need to back up in order to migrate my current stuff 
> to the newly set up VM?
> cheers,
> Matija Šuklje
> -- 
> gsm:    +386 41 849 552
> www:    http://matija.suklje.name
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