Hi Udo,

I'm not sure which is the authoritative Debian repo. But, I know a little about 
the URLs you've provided;

1. In general, the /debian dir in a project's source code repo is the 
authoritative code they use to build packages
2. Salsa is Debian's Gitlab instance that a lot of package maintainers in 
Debian use

Often I've seen this workflow; someone works in Salsa to modify a package, they 
then test and make sure their work is lintian clean so it gets into Debian. 
Then they file the appropriate issue in the appropriate place (upstream often, 
Debian's BTS as well as Gitlab so you can bring it to the attention of the 
Debian Matainer(s).) Then once there is an upload to the archive, the issues 
usually get closed automagically if you've set the right options in your 
debian/changelog file.

I don't know the official process for FOSSology but I would hazard a guess and 
say that if you file an issue and then send a pull request in the FOSSology 
GitHub repo that might be the most effective way to land patches in the near 


On Mon, 2020-04-06 at 08:04 -0700, udo.rader via lists.fossology.org wrote:


trying to setup a new fossology instance based on debian, I noticed there are 
some confusing and sometimes even contradicting resources.

First, there is are the "old" releases on http://fossology.org/releases/

Then there are the efforts on salsa.debian.org, ie 

And then we have "releases" on github, that also produce .deb packages for 
example for debian buster: https://github.com/fossology/fossology/releases

My current attempt to (very successfully) install fossology on debian buster is 
based on the latter.

So what is the current packaging status of fossology when it comes to debian 
(alike) environments?



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