right now the idea is to have RAG per FOSSology server instance, meaning how 
the administrator of an instance wants to set it to.

However, even this might be still inflexible, because "red" licenses or 
obligations are even not a good category for an entire organisation, but maybe 
per case.

Maybe the future for fossology will not be about the RAG for obligations, but 
the use cases for files and RAG for these accordingly. ( a file can be green or 
red, depending on whatever analysis result)

Regarding the colouring in the reporting, I think it is just a matter of "no 
one did it so far". So, one solution could be to write issue and work on it:


Kind regards,

> On 2. Jun 2020, at 17:57, Jeremiah C. Foster <jfos...@luxoft.com> wrote:
> On Mon, 2020-06-01 at 10:51 +0000, Woźnicki Paweł - Partner Hurt via 
> lists.fossology.org wrote:
>> Hello All
>> Have you ever thought about improving functionality of Fossology Obligation 
>> feature
>> Currently Fossology 3.8.0 allows to configure obligations on a specific 
>> conditions and provides a possibility to mark the findings in a proper way 
>> (RED, GREEN colour in the Doc report) but at the moment it is not quite 
>> handy.
>> The obligations in the output Unified report are not coloured and I think it 
>> would be also interesting to export obligation results also to another 
>> reports like CSV in a form of additional column indicating obligation state 
>> (Approved, Denied, to Verify)
> My personal view is that colors in the report is a good idea. I do wonder 
> about how to do this however. Firstly, the usual 'RAG' (Red, Amber, Green) 
> colors are likely not flexible enough, but this is bikeshedding. What is 
> likely really important is for FOSSology users to have their own colors in 
> conjunction with their own policy. After all, some companies will mark as 
> "red" those licenses that other companies considerd "green". If there is a 
> flexible, rules-based policy engine then the various colors can be assigned 
> based on the policy on a per organization basis. Is this part of your 
> intended implementation?
> Regards,
> Jeremiah
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