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> 2. Some metadata about the file: in this case we have picked license
> information from SW Heritage's own license scanning. It is redundant, if
> you did the fossology scan on your server already. but we felt it could be
> extended in future with more metadata once the API is offering this (for
> example, we would find inetresting in which project(s) or URL locations the
> file was found)

Yes! That sounds exactly what I hoped would turn out :D

> Redundant: the SW Heritage license results are processed in the FOSSology as
> an agent, so it is similar to having nomos and monk reporting license
> findings ...

That is what I suspected.

One cool option could be, if you were to find a whole package (e.g. JAR) in the 
source code and FOSSology could match that to a SwHeritage entry, that might 
get rid of a need of (a major part of) code duplication scanners.

> Will have a look at the wiki to clarify it.

Thank you, that would be great.

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