Hello all,

The FOSSology project has released a new version, 3.9.0 to the project.

You can check it out at https://github.com/fossology/fossology/releases/3.9.0

Major additions with 3.9.0

A new agent "Spasht" introduced that pulls information like License and 
Copyrights from ClearlyDefined server. The agent is currently in experimental 
stage and thus the results for the agent are shown only in the UI.

It serves as the foundation for future extensions to the interaction between 
FOSSology and ClearlyDefined - we would be happy for feedback! By the way, the 
ClearlyDefined agent Spasht was a contribution from the GSoC student Vivek 

More major changes include:

*         Introduce support for Ubuntu Focal Fossa (20.04)

*         Drop support for Debian 8 Jessie

*         Obligations now refer to license conclusions

*         Auto deactivation of copyrights for irrelevant files

*         REST API now supports upload from URL

*         Display time in browser's time zone wherever possible

*         Ability to export Copyright CSV from UI

For more details please check 3.9.0, 3.9.0-rc2 and 3.9.0-rc1 release notes.

Credits to the 3.9.0 codebase go this time to:

adityabisoi <adityabisoi1...@gmail.com<mailto:%3cadityabisoi1...@gmail.com>>

Akash-Sareen <akash7sar...@gmail.com<mailto:%3cakash7sar...@gmail.com>>

Anupam Ghosh <anupam.gh...@siemens.com<mailto:%3canupam.gh...@siemens.com>>

Avneet Singh <avneet.si...@sony.com<mailto:%3cavneet.si...@sony.com>>

Dineshkumar Devarajan (RBEI/BSF6) 

Gaurav Mishra <mishra.gau...@siemens.com<mailto:%3cmishra.gau...@siemens.com>>

Lakshmi Bhavani 

Marion Deveaud 

Michael C. Jaeger 

Mikko Murto <mikko.mu...@hhpartners.fi<mailto:%3cmikko.mu...@hhpartners.fi>>

Piotr Pszczola <piotr.pszcz...@orange.com<mailto:%3cpiotr.pszcz...@orange.com>>

Shaheem Azmal M MD 

sjha2048 <sjha200...@gmail.com<mailto:%3csjha200...@gmail.com>>

vivek kumar <vvksin...@gmail.com<mailto:%3cvvksin...@gmail.com>>

In addition to that: thanks to all for contributing bug reports and issues to 
improve the FOSSology software- please keep on!

Please find the release and binary packages for Debian and Ubuntu based systems 
on release page. Thanks to GitHub Actions, the deb packages are auto generated 
and attached to the release page.

The Docker images are available on Docker Hub as well.

With best regards,

FOSSology team

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