Hi Christine,

thank for reaching out. Just tom help a little bit with your report of a 
-maybe- bug:

Would you have download links also for the files you have tested? - so we could 
download exactly the same files as you used.

Also, on the failed agent lines, if you click the first job number at the begin 
of the line (it is a hyperlink), you could see agent details - would you mind 
to let us see the screenshot of the failed heritage and scan code agent log? 
note that further job numbers are references to “dependencies”, jobs that need 
to finish before this job can be started.

Kind regards,

> On 12. Dec 2022, at 09:20, christine.habel via lists.fossology.org 
> <christine.habel=avl....@lists.fossology.org> wrote:
> Hello,
> we have a .NET Core 2.1.0 application (backend) which we tried to scan with 
> Fossology version from 24/Oct/2022. 
>       • A scan of the executables (zipped to 7z file) showed No_license_found 
> for all files like dll, exe ... 
> Sometimes e.g. Microsoft-possibility, No_license_found was shown for a dll. 
> If we click on this dll no real license was recognized, but the generated 
> text file showed no readable text.
> You can see a scan result in the attached file scanResultExecutables.png with 
> 2 failed steps: softwareHeritage and scancode.
>       • A scan of the source code (zipped to 7z file) didn't find any licence 
> but showed No_license_found.
> You can see a scan result in the attached file scanResultSource.png with 2 
> failed steps: softwareHeritage and scancode.
> Our application contains 9 installed nuget packages and 292 implicitly 
> installed nuget packages all of them open source. 
> It seems that Fossology is not able to scan a .NET Core application. Does 
> anyone have experience with it? 
> Help would be highly appreciated.
> Best regards,
> Christine Habel
> <scanResultExecutables.png><scanResultSource.PNG>

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