Hi All,

The release of GNOME 3.22 is happening *this* week, on *Wednesday,
September 21st.* Please help us host release parties around the world to
celebrate! Even if it's just you and a few friends gathering over beers or
pizza, that counts, right? :) Also, it doesn't have to be on the actual day.

*Party in the USA World*
Releases are a big deal. All of our hard work and effort pays off as we
release another stable version of GNOME for the world to use. That's pretty
awesome. By having release parties, you can help us spread the word about
GNOME and help us attract more users and contributors. Let's show the world
how cool GNOME is, and how awesome our community is!

*Check out the 3.22 Release Wiki page
<https://wiki.gnome.org/Events/ReleaseParties/ThreePointTwentytwo>* for
information on parties happening near you. Don't see one? Host one! You can
add information about any gatherings you're hosting directly, or email me
the details if you don't have wiki access. *@GNOME.Asia Team* - please add
any parties happening around you! Let's make this truly global.

*#gnomesocial #gnomeparty - not just for little men*
Social media is powerful. We'll be using the hashtags #gnomesocial and
#gnomeparty to raise awareness. Try searching for those on social media
now. What did you find? Probably little men with white beards and tall
hats, or people pretending to be little men with white beards and tall
hats. Let's change that and give those hashtags a whole new meaning so that
curious eyes will get to know what GNOME really means.

We are trying something new and allocating a small budget ($50 USD per
group for the first 10 groups to ask) to help offset costs for those who
are organizing an event. Please read the release party reimbursements
<https://wiki.gnome.org/Events/ReleaseParties/ThreePointTwentytwo> section
for more details, or email me to find out more. This is an experiment, so
please be patient with us as we explore sending small reimbursements around
the world. We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Lastly, sorry for the late notice. Lots going on this month.

Thanks, and get excited! Version 3.22 is just around the corner.



*Nuritzi Sanchez*  |  +1.650.218.7388 |  Endless <http://endlessm.com/>
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