I can not help share this with you.

I was looking for the name "devouard" in a little tool I just discovered 
today (TouchGraph).

And I was surprised to discover that the word "devouard" was highly 
linked to the Hoggar plateau (Ahaggar) in Algeria. I consequently 
clicked on the central point apparently refering to "devouard".

I found this page: 

Yeah, that's on britannica. There is a little picture on the top left 
hand side. Click on the picture.

Now, check out http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Hoggar3.jpg

The resolution is rather low because these were picts taken by my 
husband and he did not give me permission to upload the high res ones he 

But frankly, I am super pleased to find out that one of the pict I 
uploaded 4 years ago are now featured in Britannica :-)


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