> So... are we now going to start writting "USfamilyfriendlypedia(tm)" ?
> There is plenty of stuff to be delete then... not only penis and
> vagina pictures... For example delete all biographies of porn-stars,
> articles about addictive violent computer games, and there is tons of
> things to be deleted in order to make our projects more "family friendy".

Has it occurred to you that we could simply _age-rate_ articles, rather 
than delete them? An article on a pornographic novel could be 18-rated, 
just like the novel itself. Same with porn star bios, which aren't likely 
to be of interest to 9-year-olds. 

I would really like people to understand that when entering Wikipedia with 
an "adult" setting, you would never know any difference to how it is now. But 
if you're entering with a 12-year-old setting, you would not see the 
article on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hogg_(novel) for example.

What is so bad about that idea? Is it "censorship" to show adult-rated 
material to adults, but not to 12-year-olds? 

Framing this in terms of "gutting" or "censoring" Wikimedia projects 
completely misses the point.



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