Yeah. I don't remember exactly what Ting said, and even if I did, I wouldn't 
comment on it.  But FWIW to your point, Ting's not in a chapters-selected seat; 
Ting was elected by the Wikimedia community.

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> My view is that Jimmy and others have brought closure to the "scope of 
> Jimmy's authority" question. In saying that, I don't mean to diminish the 
> importance of that question -- I realize that many people are angry about 
> what's happened over the past week, and it will take time for them to be less 
> angry.

Ting's statements on the role of the Board (that it should regulate
project content) will also take some digesting. I doubt chapters
outside the US put people forward for the Board thinking this would
mean the Board supporting content removal to appease Fox News.

- d.

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