2011/1/4, Виктория <mstisla...@gmail.com>:
> it had been patrolled  = [отпатрулированная версия] anyway.

What about the message "Стабильная версия была проверена 28 сентября
2010. 1 изменение ожидает проверки." which is written now at the top
of the history tab (1), and google-translates into English as "Stable
version was tested on Sept. 28, 2010. 1, the change is awaiting
moderation" ?


I have visited Russia only once in my life. It was a long time ago at
the time of the USSR. I was making a long flight from Japan to Poland,
and had to stop overnight at a hotel inside Moscow airport. Although I
enjoyed the food, the beverage, the kindness of the stewardess, the
landscapes with snow, lakes, forests inside the airplane, I disliked
my stay at Moscow airport because people kept me waiting without
telling why or how long. I think this is what Wikimedia is looking
like with the so-called "flagged revisions" software : the USSR.

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