2011/1/5 Виктория <mstisla...@gmail.com>:
> You can compare Flagged Revvs to Soviet Union, after all,  Jaron Lanier is

I guess that the original poster has a point: we use external services
which may or may not be trivial to change or update.
It is not important which country, group or whatever entity runs them,
and it is indeed useful to have them.

What we maybe need is some standards regarding widely used externals.
Don't think anything fancy: all service should have a page on the
referenced wiki (or on tooldox.wikimedia.org or whatever) which
defines the service, its authors, their contacts, and specified the
data source, the updating process (if it requires more explanation,
like waiting for a revision to be flagged), the refreshment interval
and expected update of the data changed.

So if anyone see a bad entry can look up how to change, and how and
when the update goes live. Knowledge is power.


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