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> Those are great goals for gnome overall, but I don't think they have much to
> do with Stormy's actual duties. Do they?

Applying them probably not, but getting the right people together and
soliciting funds to support improving these areas would be, wouldn't?
I mean, here I am proposing that we put i10n and a18n on the roadmap
for 2010. Shouldn't this be considered by the board and then have the
CEO chime in with her opinion if this is viable and the best thing to
do in the immediate future?

>From Stormy's latest update post:

"We are partnering with Project::Possibility! Look for updates from
the GNOME accessibility folks."
"Met with Jim Zemlin from the Linux Foundation. Briefly discussed
Collaboration Summit, GNOME participation, mobile, Moblin and

So basically, be the catalyst and get people together to work on the
areas mentioned... metrics would be the before and after picture...
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