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>   > Can you please stop leaking half a conversation from a private mailing
>   > list to a public one? Thank you.
> I do not understand.  What I am doing is sending the reply to a
> message to the same lists that the other message went to.  I do that
> because these messages attack me and I deserve a chance to respond.
> What is it about this that is wrong?
> Would you please spell out concretely what actions you are criticizing?
> What, concretely, are you asking me to do instead?

Hi Richard, you're not doing anything wrong. I think the problem is with
the moderation of the emails. Lefty's emails may not all be coming in, so
it's hard to know if everyone has seen the entire conversation unfold. I'm
not the foundation-list moderator, so I'm basing my response on Shaun's
last email.

*@Everyone *- The Foundation list does not need to know the entire
conversation going on. It's not our business and seems to be personal
between two members. I agree that we should protect members from

*@Richard* and *@Lefty*, if either of you feels like you are being
personally harassed, please send an email to
coc-working-group-l...@gnome.org describing the full concern and we'll try
to help. The entire Foundation list no longer needs to be involved in the
threads you guys are sending as it has devloved from being productive and
has become more personal. Let's try to have a constructive conversation
instead of one full of personal attacks.

I'd like to raise the point that we do not have an organizational CoC with
a strong enforcement policy. This is something the CoC Working Group is
hoping to propose as a Phase II of this project. This would help with what
James is talking about.

It takes each and every one of us to promote a safe and welcoming space. We
hope that you'll help us remain productive through this CoC drafting
process and welcome more resources and examples for us all to learn from.

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