Hello Everyone!

The GUADEC team is pleased to announce that registration for GUADEC 2018 in
Almería, Spain, is now open!  We look forward to seeing all of you for many
days of talks, hackfests, and conversations.  We have some amazing events
including a beach party and a picnic during the conference days.  You can
find out more about Almería at

Getting there:
    There are many travel options to get to GUADEC.  Please see
https://2018.guadec.org/pages/travel.html for information on how to get to
beautiful Almería.

    You can book accommodations at
https://2018.guadec.org/pages/accommodation.html with
http://www.residenciacivitas.com/en/ [Resident Civitas].  You can use a
code to get a discount on the accommodations.  If you are looking to share
rooms to reduce costs, you can go to the GNOME wiki -
https://wiki.gnome.org/GUADEC/2018/Accommodation and put your name there.

You are highly encouraged to register early in order to reserve a meal

GUADEC is the GNOME Project's largest event of the year.  Presentations are
given by software developers, business leaders and users who are involved
in Open Source, Free Software and of course, GNOME. These combine with many
practical sessions and discussion groups which set the direction of the
GNOME project. It also aims to attract new developers and contributors, as
well has serve as a meeting point for corporate interests and allow GNOME
to showcase some of the latest technologies.
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