Hi all,

I've just posted the following item to our site:

tl;dr: we're recruiting!

We're currently looking to fill four posts:
* Development Coordinator
  This will ensure that we receive sufficient funds to continue our
work delivering free software - it should be noted that this isn't a
software development coordinator!
* Program Coordinator
  The Program Coordinator will free up time from those involved in
organizational, administrative and logistical problems
* Devops/Sysadmin
  The systems and services we run need proper maintenance and care. As
Flathub continues to grow, more support is needed to achieve this.
* GTK+ core developer
  GTK+ is core to our entire platform. Investing in development and
maintenance of this toolkit will benefit the whole GNU/Linux ecosystem.

We're keen to hear from any person who is interested in applying for
one of these posts. Details on how to apply and the application
deadlines can be found on the Foundation’s Positions Available page at 

I hope everyone is having an awesome time at GUADEC,
Neil McGovern
Executive Director, The GNOME Foundation
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