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On 2018-07-03 14:48, Allan Day <a...@gnome.org> wrote:
As usual, this year's GNOME Foundation Annual General Meeting will be
taking place as part of GUADEC. The details are as follows:

  - Time: 16:30
  - Date: Saturday 7th July 2018.
  - Location: The Auditorium, University of Almería, Spain

The meeting will include an introduction to the new Board of Directors, a
report on the previous 12 months, and a Q&A session with the board.

According to the bylaws of the Foundation (Section 7.4), 30 days notice is required for an AGM, whereas this notice only gives 4 days notice. I suppose that there will not be any issues for the membership to vote on, so maybe it does not make much difference.

I am not sure of the best place to add this for future GUADECs, but maybe https://wiki.gnome.org/GUADEC/HowTo/CheckList would be suitable?


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