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> Hi,
> Thanks for the minutes!
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>> Hello from your new secretary! A few points of order to accompany these
>> minutes:
>> These minutes were recorded during the meeting and published on the wiki
>> by Allan. Starting with the following board meeting, the minutes will
>> generally be recorded by me or Federico.
>> I apologize for the delay in sending them to foundation-list as I wasn't
>> yet aware of how the full process was supposed to work. For future board
>> meetings, you will be able to count on them being sent more promptly.
>> Also note that the date of the next meeting is wrong, but in order to
>> avoid a discrepancy between the published minutes on the wiki and on the
>> mailing list I've left it as is. The next meeting is actually Tuesday 24
>> July 2018 at 15:30 UTC.
> Will the Board be meeting on Tuesdays from now on? It’s good to know in
> case there’s a urgent request and I (or anyone else) wants to send it
> before the Board meets.

For the time being, it will indeed be on Tuesday every week at 15:30 UTC.

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