On Sun, Dec 2, 2018 at 12:52 PM Neil McGovern <n...@gnome.org> wrote:
> Dear Foundation members,
> After a long and robust recruitment process, I'm very pleased to
> announce our first new staff member in a while.
> Emmanuele Bassi will be joining us tomorrow (3rd December) to take on
> the role of GTK+ Core Developer!
> Emmanuele has a long history of contributions to GTK, and has been a
> Foundation member himself for over 12 years.
> Previously working at Endless, Mozilla and Intel, where he contributed
> to many components of the GNOME core development platform, I'm happy to
> bring him on board to continue his commitment to the project.
> I'm sure you'll all give him a warm welcome in this new role!
> Thanks,
> Neil

This is awesome news, and I'm extremely glad to hear that:

1) money is going to fund an excellent project / cause (GTK+)
2) we have such a well-known and talented (AFAIK, since I'm not a GTK+
expert) person working on this!

Yay Emmanuele!!

As long as nobody minds, I think I'll mention what I'm sure everyone
already knows: funding free software hackers, is probably one of the
best ways to improve free software, so I'm happy that the foundation
is leading by example!

One question: is Emmanuele given any particular tasks or direction for
GTK+, eg: does the GNOME foundation have any specific priorities
they'd like to address, or is it more self-directed?

Thanks again, and keep it up! Can't wait till there is a second
developer on board.

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