no, I really meant which as I described on my
original e-mail was the pre-2013 projects page we had running before
transitioning to the new wiki.g.o based projects listing. I believe
the future of projects.g.o will vary, certain maintainers are setting
up GitLab pages for their project (using Jekyll / Hugo), some others
are using the wiki, still. I believe the engagement team was looking
into possible new ways to unify projects listing into one single view,
not sure what's the status there though.

Il giorno mer 5 dic 2018 alle ore 21:10 Liam R E Quin
<> ha scritto:
> On Wed, 2018-12-05 at 11:22 +0100, Andrea Veri wrote:
> > Hey,
> >
> > the projects-old website [1] was decided to be left around in 2013
> > right after transitioning projects pages to the GNOME's wiki
> > (projects.g.o is a vhost that contains a set of redirects since then)
> i think you mean, right?
> That seems to be a lot less complete, and also just has project names
> and not explanations. So there's (out of date) information being lost.
> There are also a lot of external links to the page, so you'll break a
> lot of links (and, for what it's worth, hurt's search ranking
> a little in the process). But this could be mitigated with an HTTP
> redirect to a page telling people how to find what they might have
> wanted.
> > for a short period of time while the transition was happening. I
> > believe it's now a good time (after 5+ years!) to retire the former
> > website all together.
> If it goes, it might be helpful to add short descriptions to
>, although that would mean a bunch of work of course.
> The (current) wiki pages are not organized enough to make this a
> question of easy scraping so maybe the answer is to automate something
> that grabs the page title from the linked pages, and encourage project
> maintaners to edit their wiki pages as needed?
> On the other hand it's fun exploring the page to find out what things
> are :)
> The new page is much better overall, even without descriptions, because
> of the division into categories.
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