Hello, I'm Daniel Șerbănescu and recently became a GNOME Foundation
Member, and this email is meant as an introduction.

About myself:
- 27 year old
- part-time web developer / drupal+php developer
- masters student studying Computer Science and Informatics at Roskilde
- got a taste of tech conferences: FOSDEM, DrupalCon, Bornhack, FOSS-
North, and I'm also aiming for GUADEC this year
- debian unstable + GNOME user

About my Gnome work:
- I started back in 2010 contributing Romanian translations in Damned
Lies and since then I gradually became a Committer and for about a year
ago a Language Team Coordinator for Romanian language.
- I also reported a few bugs now and then

I would like to get to meet some other contributors from Europe and
Scandinavia... maybe I'll see some of you at FOSS North next week.

Kindly regards

Daniel Șerbănescu,
Technical aficionado
GPG Key: 06C7 620D

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