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Name         : libusb.pp
Author       : Uwe Zimmermann
Email        : [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Homepage     :
FTP site     :
Version      : 0.1.12
Date         : 2006-06-29
Category     : Miscellaneous
Supported OS : Linux
Description  :
A FPC unit to support libusb.

There is a dead link to such a unit "fpcusb" in miscellaneous and another 
pretty old version.

This version is a translation of the current 0.1.12 header file usb.h. The 
archive also contains a test program which was adapted from the C test program 
provided with libusb.

It is based on libusb and does not use any OS specific code. But I have only 
tested it under Linux (SUSE 10.1).

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