>>>> Hi,
>>>> From what I understand from the definition of THandle in
>>>> sysunixh.inc it is defined as a LongInt, even on 64 bit platforms.
>>>> Currently I'm porting Lazarus to x64 and there I need a 64bit
>>>> THandle, how to solve it ?
>>>File descriptors are still 32bit on x86_64, therefor Thandle=32bit.
>> A THandle is more than a file descriptor alone.
>> Since the LCL is VCL compatible and thus MS biassed, there are more
>> THandles than filedescriptors alone. To keep code compatible
>and portable,
>> I need a 64 bit THandle on 64 bit platforms. (on win64 a handle is also
>> 64bit).
>> Or would you suggest to use HANDLE for a 64bit handle and THandle for
>> 32bit ?
>THandle is platform dependent. On win64 THandle=QWord.
>Currently Thandle=longint for unix, but Thandle=DWord for win32.

Yes, I am aware of that, my question however is is how to get things

In the LCL a THandle is used everywhere and in most cases it represents a
pointer. It is also part of the emulated message records. All members of
it are defined as PtrInt. On placed where a handle is iused, it should map
on a PtrInt.

Woudl you suggest me to
  a) forbid the use of thandle
  b) change all records and places where thandle is used
  c) create a intermediate function which maps a handle to a pointer
     (and still change a load of records)


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