On 13.04.2018 16:16, Martok wrote:
Am 13.04.2018 um 12:52 schrieb Ondrej Pokorny:
I introduced the AS operator for enumerators in
I'm still not convinced that cementing the FPC-ism of Ada-style high-level enums
is a good idea (and how that is even logically supposed to work with assigned
values), but if we want to go there, something like this feature is absolutely
required (Ada has it).

In that case, off the top of my head, succ/pred, for, bitsizeof and maybe sizeof
need to be fixed as well.

Why? I don't think so. Enums with assigned values are documented to be valid in the whole range Low..High:


/type Size = (Small = 5, Medium = 10, Large = Small + Medium);/

/An enumerated type is, in effect, a subrange whose lowest and highest values correspond to the lowest and highest ordinalities of the constants in the declaration. In the previous example, the Size type has 11 possible values whose ordinalities range from 5 to 15. (Hence the type array[Size] of Char represents an array of 11 characters.) Only three of these values have names, but the others are accessible through typecasts and through routines such as Pred, Succ, Inc, and Dec. In the following example, "anonymous" values in the range of Size are assigned to the variable X.//

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