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>> Just one question: doesn't all this new stuff introduce another kind
>> of mess during cross-compiling?
>> E.g. some complex nested const.expr. "sin(cos(0.12345))" evaluated by
>> the compiler on x64 (double precision) is not the same as if it would
>> be evaluated by the compiled program itself running on some x32
>> (float80), or some future float128 alikes.. 

> How would that be any different from floating point consts
> currently that are defined with an expression involving calculations?

Intermediate results may fall out of the compiler range capabilities,
or introduce lost of precision in generated constant (e.g. Win64->Win32
cross-compiler is able to do only double-precision calculations, however
the resulting program is fully float80-capable).
(Hopefully compiling will just fail with over/underflow, but I cannot
check this right now).

In any case, I see no other but softfloat solution, as Florian already
mention, and this would be a big performance impact, I suspect.. :(

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