Then FPCUpDeluxe uses different approach to build FPC compiler?
Because when I test with Lazarus/FPC build from 3.2 branch bug is
still there.

Maybe the fix also depends on other changes that have not been merged.

May be that FPCUpDeluxe uses only one build cycle ... so FPC 3.2 is
build using FPC 3.0.4 ?

That would seem very unlikely. You would have to really go out of your way to disable the complete make cycle. A standard "make all" at the top level of the fpc source directory automatically does this.

Hm, seems that also in TRUNK there is still problem.
(I rebuild my FPC installation using FPCUpDeluxe)

Can you test please what results do you get for:

  writeln(c:18:4,' = ', ' Trunc(c*10000)=', Trunc(c*10000));

  writeln(c:18:4,' = ', ' Trunc(c*10000)=', Trunc(c*10000));

IIUC fix introduced in rev. 38555 and folloved rev. 38558 should handle just this situation, does not?


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