I was more referring to the use of correct types, use const when possible etc.
Change classes to advanced records where appropriate, that kind of thing.


Which is why I hoped my patches for uComplex were permissible, since it adds 'const' to make the compilation more efficient and sets the calling convention to 'vectorcall' for Win64, something that the compiler won't think to do unless explicitly told so, and maybe a slight incentive to improve the compiler as far as vectorisation is concerned (and complex numbers are a good candidate since for most basic operations, the components are modified in tandem).

I guess adding 'vectorcall' and 'const' are micro-optimisations, but I see it more as refactoring and good coding practice in the case of 'const', while 'vectorcall' is more about knowing what kind of data you're dealing with.

Gareth aka. Kit

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