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That is why I decided to keep it: the mode of sysutils is known and will
never change. A user is supposed to take this into account.


This error was confirmed as a compiler bug. It also disappears if you remove
the inline from the methods.

Since there is no run-time error for the same value, I kept the code as-is.
I consider this a remote corner case.
If you send me a patch to rework the bit manipulations, I will check & apply it.

If this is considered a compiler bug, then my patch (which would
consist of typecating to unsigned) is a workaround tha simply hides
the compiler error.
So, it should not be applied then, as you already decided,

Thank you for explaining.

B.t.w. I really enjoyed doing the extensive testing.
Apart from the cornercase compiler-time issues, all test are ok for
all modes on 32 and 64 bit.

When testing I converted the tests to the format suitable for my rtl
testsuite, so they are run whenever I run that testsuite.

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