On Tue, 30 Jun 2020, Wayne Sherman via fpc-devel wrote:

OpenSSL library loading fixes. Patch file is attached.  Comments are welcome.

  1)  For Windows and OS2, remove DLLSSLNameX and DLLUtilNameX
variables.  Instead use matched arrays of DLL filenames (SSL_DLL_Names
and Crypto_DLL_Names)

  2)  Due to refactoring, remove LoadLibHack or LoadLib functions.

  3)  Remove LoadUtilLibrary function, UnloadSSLLib procedure, and
UnloadUtilLib procedure since these were not being called internally
and are unreachable externally.

  4)  Add new function TryLoadLibPair which attempts to load a
matched pair of DLLs (SSL and Crypto).  If either fails to load,
UnloadLibraries is called to clean up.

  5)  Refactored LoadLibraries to use arrays of names for Windows and
OS2, and to use the new TryLoadLibPair helper function for all

Thank you very much for the patch. I will look at this ASAP.

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