Something which annoys me about Pascal is cleanup in which a function exits in 
multiple places but there is no formal way to free memory which may be used in 
the current scope. I say ultimately Pascal needs some opt-in automatic 
reference counting for TObject but the "defer" keyword would be helpful 
alternative to what we have now, which is nothing.

The concept is very easy to understand and should be easy to implement by 
simply making a "defer" statement node which is added to a list and then called 
during function finalization like the other ref counted objects (dynamic array, 
interfaces etc....).

I've seen it appear in multiple languages already and it's a sound idea in my 
opinion. Is this something worth perusing for Pascal?

procedure DoStuff;
  obj := TObject.Create;
  defer objects.Free;

  while true do
      // don't worry, obj will be freed safely
      if not obj.TrySomething then

        Ryan Joseph

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